Chiara Martini
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Chiara Martini
Book your appointment from 11am to 12.00am 3911680559 to know where and when you can find me check on contacts & tours below

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Chiara Martini
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Chiara Martini
Book your appointment from 11am to 12.00am 3911680559 to know where and when you can find me check on contacts & tours below

Private Top Class
Welcome to the site of Chiara Martini
My name is Chiara, I am a dynamic and adventurous woman, with a heady personality. I love all the beauty that life can offer, I love to explore sensuality in all its forms and in all its nuances, I am always looking for new stimuli and new sensations. I have a private life with commitments of a professional nature so I EXCLUSIVELY REFER TO A SELECTED CIRCLE OF GENTLEMEN, strictly over 30, of high social level, who desire the pleasure of a refined company, made up of complicity and relaxation. Before contacting me I kindly ask you to read all the pages of this site, it will not be a waste of time, on the contrary, it will allow you to understand if I am the person you are looking for, thus avoiding unpleasant misunderstandings. DO NOT STOP ME IN MY PHOTOS, do not ask me questions that already find their answer here, but above all prove to be kind and polite by avoiding inappropriate, direct or intrusive questions. ONLY HIGH LEVEL, NO SHORT MEETINGS, NO LAST MINUTE, my meetings are based on quality and not quantity. My prices are clear and visible in the RATES section here on my personal website. I GUARANTEE AND ASK FOR THE MAXIMUM DISCRETION. I cover my face only to protect my and your PRIVACY. For our appointments, I invite you to my DELICIOUS AND RESERVED LOCATIONS, accompanied by all the necessary comforts to make a meeting special. Also available for dinner dates, whole nights of passion or a few hours of fun. Kindly CHECK MY AVAILABILITY in the contact section, I´m usually in Milan but I could be in Costa Smeralda or in some other Italian city, or traveling! If you are a demanding man in terms of quality, mutual involvement, confidentiality, discretion and you are looking for a TOTALLY NEW EXPERIENCE, where pleasure, relaxation, fantasy and transgression come together in an EXCLUSIVE MIX higher level ... You are the welcome to my small and exclusive ÉLITE . .
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Knowing Chiara Martini
The first means to describe oneself is the image and in this I did not ask for help from experts in make-up and retouching to appear different from reality, but only to what nature has given me. I left, however, a bit of room for the imagination covering the face, but not the eyes, which exude the veracity of my nature and my nature, with the goodness of soul, generosity and altruism, which characterize and are the lifeblood of a nascent relationship, which must begin with the knowledge of mutual reliability, impossible to be able to build with an exchange of words and numbers, over the telephone. First step, I will welcome you not as an ordinary customer by the hour, but I will know how to be your companion: a subject that will never be an object. Consider me, at the start, a woman that you approached while consuming a cocktail at the bar, that you liked how she sipped, how she spoke, how she dressed, how she moved, how she looked at you ... A conquest you are about to achieve thanks to your fairness, education and loyalty; who did not give up for the vil money, but for your prerogatives as a Gentleman. I will respond to this savoir-faire with equal behavior and this will immediately create the right atmosphere. My ability will consist in being able, then, to ride this wave of emotions, without letting you feel that we are on the path of physical pleasure, but I will not have to feed your lust for having me in your arms, with the speed of a rapid train: without burning stages I will be able to guide you with the typical sweetness of a classy woman, capable of giving and receiving pleasure with the typical curve of enjoyment, which grows regularly but also with exponential frequency. I will participate with all my youthful strength so that the goal can be reached simultaneously. The clock with its ticking will not beat any gong, time will be the last of my thoughts, you will be the center of my attention and your full satisfaction, I will read it in your eyes when we say goodbye and my looks will not be pleasantries of circumstance, but a simple goodbye to a new journey that will be a meteor in your life, perhaps eager for moments of happiness like the one just ended.
Name: Chiara Martini
Nationality: Italian
Languages spoken: Italian, English
Main activity: businesswoman
Occhi: turquoise
Hair: brunette
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 54 kg
Number of shoes: 36
Breast: B
dress size: s
Smoker: no
Drink alcohool: In company
Tattoo: No
Depilation: Fully shaved
Pearcing: No
zodiac sign: Leo
Caracteristics: brilliant and addictive
Titolo: Degree in Science Communication
Interests: sports, photography, art
Colosseum Hotel
AVAILABLE ON APPOINTMENT booked and confirmed with at least 24 hours’ notice, in the places and dates indicated in the contact section. Accessible by telephone from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm. You can try calling a few hours before, but just hope it´s in one of the few moments when I´m free from professional or private commitments. Available in Milan, Olbia-Porto Cervo, Modena, Mantua, Florence and in the main Italian cities. For meetings over 3 hours I´m also available for outcall. To reach (outcall) I ask for a CONFIRMATORY DEPOSIT of 50% plus travel expenses. I strictly exclude meetings in explicit or questionable locations that can in some way expose my identity and / or my reputation. I BOOK MY APPOINTMENTS AND I PROVIDE INFO ONLY AND EXCLUSIVELY BY A PREVIOUS TELEPHONE INTERVIEW. I DO NOT PROVIDE INFO THROUGH MAIL / WHATSAPP / SMS. I DO NOT TOLERATE UNRESPECTFULL ATTITUDE, my dignity is a priority, as is my privacy! MY CONDITIONS ARE NOT NEGOTIABLE! I meet only a few selected gentlemen of a high socio-cultural class who are able to appreciate the value of a meeting under the name of the class, passion and discretion. DON´T ASK ME TO MEET ME BEFORE AN APPOINTMENT, if I accepted these frequent requests, instead of working I would spend my days in bars and restaurants, I don´t have the time I´m sorry. Even if we we are gonna meet several times THERE ARE NO POSSIBILITIES THAT OUR RELATION WOULD CHANGE, MY COMPANY HAS ALWAYS COST AND CONDITIONS, I KEEP THIS "GAME" SEPRATE FROM REALITY. I have my own private life and a circle of good friends. We maintain an excellent professional relationship, we will both benefit greatly: I will feel more free to express myself during our meetings and you will be able to experience moments at the top.
Remember that
To protect me and my time, I never indulge in long phone conversations, in person I love chatting and I consider a brilliant conversation an additional gift for the undersigned that I do not count absolutely in terms of time. I get in an elegant, clean and private ambience. For meetings from 3hrs i´m also available for outcall, only and exclusively for the gentlemen I already know and meet regularly. I can come to your home and I will be glad to be your guest only and exclusively If your accommodation has an independent entrance. I exclude meetings in explicit or questionable places that may somehow bare my identity and And / or put at risk my reputation. There is no chance that our relationship would change, my company always has costs and conditions, ; I am very careful to keep this life separate from the other. I DO NOT love to be judged or labeled. This is not my job, my motivation is not the mere necessity, but a further subtle form of pleasing whim and vanity. My private meetings always take place in the safest way for both of us. I´m very careful about my health and I like to relate with those who have the same care. Like everyone I have a private life and professional commitments so I´m not always available, I often take breaks. Anyway if I could not answer you leave me an sms, I´m gonna reply you as soon as I can. To fully enjoy the meeting, be well cared for, in perfect hygienic conditions, but above all respectful and with the attitude of a gentlemen. At my discretion I am also available for ROLE PLAYING GAMES, TANTRIC BLINDFOLD MASSAGE, TANTRIC BODY TO BODY & LUXURY GFE MASSAGE. I always update the dates of my tours according to my availability. Having many professional commitments I often travel to Italy and abroad.
Colosseum Hotel
Rates & Services
If you want a break from the daily routine, a sensual escape full of eroticism and passion, if you want to free your mind and turn on your senses, here you are to ensure a true LUXURY GFE COURTESAN EXPERIENCE.
Soft lighting, delicate fragrances and soft music, you will find everything you need for a break, away from stress and everyday tasks.
Refined and sensual, yet pleasantly at hand. My genuine, friendly and caring nature will put you at ease immediately.
An erotic and sensual TANTRA BODY TO BODY MASSAGE, a regenerating shower, a glass of Champagne, a pleasant conversation, will prepare you for a whole journey through pleasure. My goal is to merge fantasy and reality by offering you an unforgettable experience, one of a kind!
It will be a moment all for you, whether you need an elegant and sensual woman for an unforgettable evening appointment, a lucid business woman for company functions, or a cheerful brat ready to realize your fantasies. Whatever your dream, I guarantee you an experience to remember, for an exclusive and all-encompassing pleasure.

My requests refer only to my time and my company. My requests refer only to my accompanying benefits. Any other interpretation of my business is only related to peculiar and exclusive aspects of my private life when I share it with adult, aged and conscientious people. The agreed fee must be delivered at the beginning of the meeting. My requests are not negotiable.

1 hr : 550 (minimum rate)
2 hr : 750
3 hr : 1000
4 hr : 1500 (lunch date / dinner date)
12 hr : 3000 (overnight)
24 hr: 5000 (from afternoon until the day after the same hour)
48 hr: 10000 (weekend)

To know more about my services contact me by phone from 10.00 am to 9.00 pm, I will let you know what is within my reach. Do not ask me to list my services by email or sms. I carefully choose who to meet and attend, therefore i do organize appointments only and exclusively after telephone conversation. My services do not include risky or potentially harmful practices for both.

Shades of Erotism
As well as the infinite nuances of eros, so my extremely versatile nature expresses itself through the most diverse roles. Girlfriend Experience (GFE) Italian Courtesan, Luxury Escort, Independent Escort, Italian Escort, Escort Class (Top Class Escort ) Elite Findom (Royal Italian Goddess / Fetish Deluxe).
Ranging from the more delicate tones of the Girlfriend Experience (GFE), to the more intense tones of Softcore, up to the more intense tones of the Fetish.
Always and however based on your attitude and / or imagination and within previously agreed limits based on your satisfaction rating and the type of experience you want to experience.
I am very curious, sweet and full of surprises but above all I will be your muse in the happy hours of intimate pleasure. The time we spend together will be unforgettable, a unique experience where pleasure, relaxation, imagination and transgression come together in an EXCLUSIVE MIX of a superior level ...
To see together where to get ....
The only limits I set are those dictated by good taste, education and mutual respect, if not the exclusion of practices that are potentially dangerous, unhygienic, or potentially at risk for mutual health.


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Book your appointment from 11am to 12.00am 3911680559 to know where and when you can find me check on contacts & tours below