For sure the tantra massage is a fantastic way to unwind after a stressful week and unplug for a while.
Not all massages are created equal. There are operators specializing in massages of all kinds or who simply develop their own technique thanks to the experience acquired, including for example aromatherapy, chromotherapy, the use of particular oils, etc.
My approach as a Top Class Masseuse includes a holistic view of the experience, so I am convinced that certain details make a difference. Lighting, scented essences, colors and obviously every possible precaution concerning the care and comfort of the environment must contribute to making the relaxation area a paradise for the senses.
Customers who try tantra massage are fascinated by it and continue to include it in their wish list. Usually those who turn to a Top Class Masseuse want to allow themselves an escape from the real world and treat themselves to a special moment in total relaxation. It is a contradiction to associate massage with a simple manual practice within everyone´s reach. Quality is better than quantity.
Better a two-person meeting in an intimate setting, enjoying every moment, from dialogue, to aperitif, or lunch / dinner, and then giving space to intimacy as part of the relaxation process.
The pleasure-relaxation combination is becoming the new frontier of luxury, in a world where everything is marked by frenetic rhythms, the real wealth is represented by the quality of the time that we can give ourselves.
Tantra Classic
Try the real authentic tantric massage in Olbia. A method handed down from generation to generation. The Tantra Classic is a sensual massage that culminates in an explosion of energy, followed by an exquisite relief for the body and the mind.
A beautiful sensual ritual that has many physical and mental benefits, I will welcome you in an environment surrounded by scented candles and relaxing music. Try the original and ancient erotic tantric massage and let yourself be pampered by the warm oils on your skin.
Blind Tantra
Is a mix of tie and tease, which has feathers and silk to cover the eyes entirely, which gives you the feeling of being completely in the dark, and classic tantra. It is certainly an appetizing option for those looking for a new experience or for those who have a great admiration for soft fetish.
It would be the perfect opportunity to get out of the usual massage routine and explore something that can free your imagination and desires. I will be happy to provide you with the erotic experience you are looking for.
Tantra Love
In this path an intimate and profound exchange is created between the participants: in this path, the recipient can become an active part of the massage, experiencing a reciprocal exchange with the operator who, in turn, can become the recipient. Love massage is a dream to be received and tried.
Reachable by phone from 10.00 to 21.00.
Meaningless messages like: "Hey, hey, hi, what are you doing?" they will not be answered, if you wish me to consider your request, please submit appropriately.
I fix appointments and provide info only and exclusively after a telephone interview.
I have the privilege of being very selective about the appointments I accept, therefore my rates are non-negotiable.
For our appointments I invite you to my delightful and highly reserved locations. To reach (outcall) I ask for a deposit of 50% plus travel expenses.
Available by appointment booked and confirmed with at least 24h notice.
For more details, do not hesitate to contact me.